6 days on horseback into the beautiful Wadi Rum desert. You can enjoy the landscapes at horse’s pace. A total disconnection with the real world.

Price: from 1475 JOD
At least two riders have to participate

Your planning for those 10 wonderful days:

Day 1

From the airport to Petra

Upon arrival at Amman airport, you’ll be greeted by a driver for your 3 hour journey to your hotel in Petra, renowned for its Nabatean archaeological site. Dive into the rich history of Petra, one of the seven Wonders of the world, spanning an impressive 45km2, and prepare for an unforgettable exploration. Petra is also called the Rose City, due the the rosy hue of the stone from which many of its structures is carved. 

Day 2


Begin day 2 bright and early for an immersive journey. With the entire day at your disposal, explore the awe-inspiring archaeological wonders of Petra. Spend the night enveloped in the historic ambiance of Petra. 

Day 3

2 hours ride in Wadi Rum

You’re transferred to Wadi Rum and you meet the team. And start your horse riding adventure in Wadi Rum. You have a two hour ride in the morning till lunch and 2,5-3 hour ride in the afternoon. Sleeping near Um Ishrin in tents.
The ride starts from the wadi Rum village from there you go to the sand dune to go to the Khazali Canyon and have lunch. After lunch you go the small arch pass by the Lawrence’s house and Anfashieh inscriptions. That night you sleep in the valley.
Overnight in the desert surrounded by stars inside a tent or for the more adventurous you can spend the night outside and fall asleep counting the shooting stars.

Day 4

Ride to Burrah Canyon

After a good breakfast you ride to Burrah Canyon and ride with the horses through the canyon this takes about 1 hour. After the canyon you go to the mushroom stone where you can take nice pictures and have lunch in this area. After lunch you go to the Burdah Arch where again you can take some nice photos. After the Burdah Arch you ride one more hour to get to the sleeping place.

Day 5

The famous arch of Wadi Rum, Um Frut Arch

Today after breakfast you walk through a small canyon and go to the famous arch of Wadi Rum, Umm Fruth Arch. The lunch will be between the red and white desert, Um Mugur. This is in the South of Wadi Rum near the Saoudi border. From this day the riding will be in the white desert which is a less touristic place where you can enjoy the beautiful nature. The afternoon you cross the Nqura Canyon and sleep in a valley called Sabet Valley. From here you can see the highest mountain of Jordan, Um Ad Dami.

Day 6

Ride in the Wide Desert

Day 4 in the morning you will have a ride in the white desert with beautiful landscapes. You will be between the Sabet Valley and Sweibet Valley and have lunch here. You sleep in a very beautiful landscape of white desert, red desert and black stone. You will go back to the red desert where you can enjoy the volcano stone mountains.

Day 7

Ride through the canyon

The fifth day of horse riding in Wadi Rum. Traverse the mesmerising canyon, pausing for a delightful lunch. After lunch, venture to the iconic Cow Stone, and continue your exhilarating ride. as the sun sets, enjoy your last night in our tents or under the stars, immersed in the beauty of Wadi Rum. 

Day 8

Last riding day

We’ll ride to Jebel Al Qatar spring, uncovering the secrets of an ancient Bedouin cemetery. Lunch in the expansive desert. After the ride back to the village, hop on a jeep to our desert camp. There you will be served a special Bedouin dinner, the zarb cooked underground, making it an unforgettable finale to your time with us. 

Day 9

Dead Sea

After a short 10 minute transfer from the camp to the Wadi Rum village, enjoy a picturesque 3 hour drive to the Dead sea. Immerse yourself in the unique floating experience, savour a delightful lunch, and later settle in fir the night in Madaba. 

Day 10

From Madaba to the airport

Departure day, Transfer from Madaba to Amman 


  • All transfers described above are included.
  • All Overnights described above are included (hotels and tents).
  • Day 3 dinner, from day 4 until day 9 breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.
  • This includes beverage. Water, tea and soft drinks are provided.

Not included

  • Plane tickets.
  • Jordan pass.
  • Day 1, 2 and 10 food.
  • Insurance.
  • Tips. 

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March 2024

  • Trail Ride 1: 02-11 Mar
  • Trail Ride 2 : 09-18 Mar
  • Trail Ride 3 : 16-25 Mar
  • Trail Ride 4 : 21-30 Mar

April 2024

  • Trail Ride 5 : 30 Mar – 08 Apr
  • Trail Ride 6 : 06-15 Apr
  • Trail Ride 7 : 18-27 Apr

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  • Trail Ride 8 : 27 Apr – 06 May
  • Trail Ride 9 : 04-11 May
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  • Trail Ride 17 : 28 Sep-07 Oct

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  • Trail Ride 20 : 19-28 Oct 

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  • Trail Ride 21 : 26 Oct-4 Nov
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  • Trail Ride 23 : 16-25 Nov 
  • Trail Ride 24 : 23 Nov-02 Dec 

December 2024

  • Trail Ride 25 : 07-16 Dec
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  • Trail Ride 27 : 21-30 Dec

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