General terms and conditions of sale

These terms and conditions supersede all previous conditions

Important: Wadi rum Horse Adventures is not a travel agency and does not offer any guarantees!
You can benefit from its experience and assistance, but it does not bear any responsibility for it (except of course with regard to public order limitations and its gross negligence)! Everyone is free to come, or to choose their own mode of transport by air, or any other means to get to the
meeting place. There is no guarantee in relation to the description of the programmes transmitted by Wadi Rum Horse Adventures, which is itself subject to possible changes in the programme or unforeseen events. Finally, any person accompanying him/her freely must act as good faith and insure him/herself against any incidents of any kind.


Registration for one of our trips implies acceptance of our general conditions.


The client acknowledges having read the information relating to the trip he/she has chosen, thanks to the trip programme and the technical sheets. We mention in our technical sheets what is included and what is not. In general, airfare, visas and insurance are never included in the price. Any change in exchange rates, carriers or other service providers may result in a readjustment of the published prices. Prices as at 10/03/2022 based on exchange rates and services to date and subject to readjustment by the date of departure.


The deposit of 35% of the total amount of the trip must be sent by bank transfer to our bank within 8 days of receipt of the registration confirmation, otherwise the registration is cancelled. The balance must be paid at least 70 days before departure (euros or dollars). Any bank charges on the transfer are to be paid by the client, i.e. the agreed price must arrive on the account net of any deductions.


Each client is responsible for complying with police and health formalities. The information on this subject is provided for information purposes only and we cannot accept any liability. Failure to comply with police and health formalities is the sole responsibility of the client, who shall bear the costs incurred.

Changes to the trip:

Due to the special nature of our trips and tours and their sporting character, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any compensation in the event of changes to dates, schedules or planned itineraries, particularly if these changes are due to unforeseen events or compelling circumstances involving the safety of travellers. Each participant must comply with the advice and instructions given by the staff. We cannot be held responsible for any incidents, accidents or injuries that may result from careless personal initiative. During the course of the trip, the supervisor is the sole judge of whether the programme should be modified according to the weather conditions, the health of the participants, and the technical skills of the participants. A different itinerary may be proposed. Any additional costs incurred will be charged to the client. If the outward and return dates of the trip are changed due to air transport disruption, we cannot be held responsible. In this case, a contribution to any additional costs incurred is required. If we are unable to provide any part of the planned services, we will make every effort to replace them with equivalent services. We may be obliged, when circumstances oblige us, to substitute one means of transport for another, one hotel for another, to take a different itinerary or to cancel certain excursions, without these exceptional modifications giving rise to any compensation, the client may not refuse them without good reason.


Each participant must have previously taken out an insurance policy covering cancellation – repatriation – illness – travel accident – loss or theft of luggage – travel interruption.


– On your part:
If the client is obliged to cancel the trip, he/she must inform Wadi rum Horse Adventures by electronic means ( in order to obtain an acknowledgement of receipt: the date of acknowledgement of receipt of this message will be taken as the date of cancellation for the invoicing of the cancellation fees.
Cancellation fees are calculated according to the date of cancellation in relation to the date of departure of the trip on the total amount of the trip, excluding visa fees, insurance, “deposit” on permits, costs incurred by the customer such as transportation to the place of departure of the trip and return home, costs of obtaining visas, travel documents, vaccination costs will not be refunded.

– Cancellation 70 days before departure:
Withholding of 35% of the price of the trip / person

– Cancellation between the 69th and the 31st day:
Withholding of 66% of the price of the trip / person

Cancellation less than 30 days before departure: 100% of the total price of the trip/person will be retained

No handling fee will be charged.

Any voluntary interruption of the trip on your part after departure does not entitle you to any reimbursement, nor does any exclusion decided by the management of the trip, for insufficient level or non-compliance with safety instructions.

Cancellation on our part :

No reimbursement will be made in the event of cancellation due to exceptional circumstances beyond our control: terrorist attacks, natural disasters, floods, wartime events, strikes, riots, civil or military unrest or damage caused by war vehicles, epidemics etc.

Situations that give rise to the right of intervention are the following

medical reasons (illness, accident, premature birth, etc.) with a certificate.
– professional reasons (dismissal, cancellation of leave, etc.) with proof.
– administrative reasons (visa refusal, …) with proof.
unforeseen circumstances (traffic accident, hospitalisation or death of a relative or in the event of a serious accident at home, etc.) with proof.

Airline tickets:

For air tickets, see the conditions with the ticketing agency. Wadi rum Horse Adventures is not responsible for the conditions of sale of each agency. Tickets are often non-refundable but can be changed with a fee.

Covid 19:

Any costs associated with PCR or other tests, or quarantine imposed as a result of a positive test, or change of flight ticket or additional hotel nights arising from this, are 100% the responsibility of the participant.

In case of dispute:

Only Jordanian courts have jurisdiction.

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