We offer you an exclusive experience the Wadi Rum desert with horse-trekking adventures in the valley of the Moon.
Jordan Horse Adventures arranges your all-inclusive horse riding holiday without you worrying about anything.

Astrid Lebon

Born in Brussels, Astrid is a horse lover since her young years. Her profound passion for these majestic creatures has been a guiding force throughout her life, always immersed in their world.  She studied  physiotherapy and  osteopathy for horses, dedicating herself to the care and well-being of the equines. 

Her global travels led her to fall in love with the captivating landscapes of Wadi Rum. This fondness for the desert sparked a dream within her, to create bespoke horseback vacations. This dream became a reality with the creation of Wadi Rum Horse Adventures. 

Married to Salameh, Ali’s brother, Astrid devotes her love for horses and her unwavering affection  for Wadi Rum, seeking to share this passion with fellow riding enthusiasts. Her journey from Brussels to the heart of Wadi Rum symbolises her commitment to offering unique horseback riding experiences within this stunning desert.

Ali Mohammad

Meet Ali, a native of Wadi Rum, a passionate guide of the desert. Since 2011, ha has devoted his time to guiding adventurers from all corners of the globe through the endless expanses of this breathtaking landscape. 

With his own camp, he welcomes riders for memorable nights under the stars. Beyond these vast desert expanses, Ali finds happiness in the warmth of his home in the village. Married and a family man, he cherishes these precious moments surrounded by his wife and children. This balanced life, between the vastness of the desert and the deep bonds of family, shapes the very essence of his being. 

Each story shared, each sunset witnessed with his guests, bears a mark of this harmony between the grandeur of the desert and the richness of familial ties, making Ali a guide as authentic as he is inspiring. 

Awel Wahid/اول واحد​

Awel Wahid means first one. She was the first horse we bought for the tours and she needs to be in the front or she gets very nervous. She is a little warrior, what else can you expect from a chestnut mare but shows a softer side when brushed and taken care of.


His name means Star in Arabic. Najam was bought as a quiet stallion. We gelded him so he could be in the same paddock with the other horses. He is a very steady and quiet horse and always looks happy with his little ears pointed forward.


Kabir got his name because he is the oldest of the group. He is about 10 years old. He always looks good on the photos, head high, ears pointed forward. We bought him so Ali could learn to ride on a very steady horse. Put a good rider on him and he wakes up and is full of energy.


nafah was a crush, cute looking chestnut mare and very sweet like her name. She can be quiet and she can be forward but very easy to ride.


Amir Alsahra/أمير الصحراء

His name means Prince of the desert. This little colt was born the third of November 2020. A foal out of Knafah, hopefully he will have the same sweet character as his mother. When he will be a fully grown horse he will join the rides in the desert.


His name means Arrow. This two year old stallion was given to us as a gift. He is far from being in great shape so first things first we feed him and he will be Amir’s little playmate. Curious what character he will have once he will be fit again.

Sadly, his previous owner came to take him back once he was looking very good. Hopefully he will find good owners. 

Al Rahib/أل رهيب​

His name means The Terrible. This three year old stallion came to us first on loan and wasn’t supposed to stay long. We decided to purchase him so he could stay with us. He is the biggest horse we have at the stables with his 1m62. We will bring him progressively into work so he can still mature and build some muscles.

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